Multi Ch.Silver Dream Mini`s Grimm`s Fairytales “Maynard”
Germany`s and the Netherland`s topwinning MAS in 2022!
A year ago, I promised Maynard`s breeder Judit that I will do my best to make her proud.One year later, I could say that I kept my promise.
Maynard started the year in Junior Class and finished 2 more Junior Champions and ended 2022 with 10 (!!!) adult Champion titles! ( Is there a record for the most champion titles within a year?)
Maynard was shown at 43 shows in 2022 and got:
43 shows – 43 x Exc. 1, 26 x BOB, 7 x BOS or Best Male
In total: 55 shows – 55 x Exc. 1, 30 x BOB, 9 x BOS or Best Male
Nr. 1 MAS Male in Germany for 2022
Nr. 1 MAS in the Netherlands for 2022
He achieved the following titles and Championships in 2022:
Danish Junior Champion
Dutch Junior Champion
German Winner
Dutch Winner
MAS Clubwinner (ASCN)
Istra Winner
Landessieger Niedersachsen
Swiss Show Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Champion Federation Bosnia-Herzegovina
Champion Bosnia-Herzegovin
Grand Champion Bosnia-Herzegovina
Slovenian Champion
Croatian Champion
Dutch Champion
Danish Champion*
Swedish Champion*
(*confirmation pending)
He is also the first MAS in Germany who passed the endurance test and got the title AD.
Can`t wait for more adventures in 2023!
(pictured by Svenja Dernier)