MultiCh., IntCh. Silver Dream Aussie’s Tia Carrere

Junior Class / Fiatal osztályban :
4xHPJ, 2xCACJ, 2x Fiatal Klubgyőztes, Junior BIS, Junior BIS III.
Hungária Junior Champion
Román Junior Champion
Fiatal Klub-Star 2017
Adult Classes / Felnőtt osztályokban :
21xCAC, 1xR.CACIB, 10xCACIB, 5xBOS, 11xBOB
Best of Group
Res.Best of Group
Best of Group III.
Best Opposite Sex Best in Show
Internationale Champion
Hungária Champion
Román Champion
Szerb Champion
Bosznia Hercegovina Champion
Román Grand Champion
Szerb Grand Champion
Hungaria Show Champion

Adult Club Star /Felnőtt Club Star 2017-2018


CEA/PRA/HSF4/MDR1 Normal by Parentage
HD:A – ED:0
Co-owner and loved by : Katalin Zrupkóné Harmath


Silver Dream Aussie’s Promise Me Please

Hungaria Junior Champion, Crufts 2017 CC, EW 2017
(FCI European Winner), Best in Show, res.Junior BIS, Amsterdam Junior Winner, Amsterdam Winner,
Hungarian Champion, Romanian Champion, Ukrainian Champion, 2 x Clubwinner, Res.Best in Show, 14xCAC, 10xCACIB, 15xBOB, Crufts 2018 Res.CC

Born: 08.03.2015
HSF4 free, MDR1 +/-, CEA/PRA DNA normal
HD: B, ED:0
character test 100/100 point
co-owner and loved by : Szalay Enikő

CH. Silver Dream Aussie’s Halfpenny

European Show 2007’ Puppy I., Derby Winner, Qualified for Crufts, Austrian Bundesjugendsieger,Youth ClubStar 2007 Hungária Junior Champion,Junior BOG, 4xCAC,3xBOB,2xCAC, 6xCACIB,Crufts Qualification,Central-Eastern European Winner, Croatian Champion,Hungarian Champion,Internationale Champion

29.09.2006 – 13.03.2021
CEA/RPA/Cataracta free, MDR1:+/+,HSF4 : N/N Clear

Working results : herding test

JEU.Ch.HJCH. Silver Dream Aussie’s Try Again

Show results : 
Junior FCI European Winner,
Best Junior 2010′ 
FCI European Winner & BOB 2011′
4xHPJ, 4xBest Junior, 3xBOB, Derby Winner 2010′
Hungaria Junior Champion, 3xCACIB, 3xBOB
8xCAC, 8xCACIB, 8xBOB, Best of Group, Best in Show
Hungarian Champion
Romanian Champion
Nedherland Champion

Born: 2009.12.20 – 2012.08.05
CEA/PRA/Kat. clinically free, MDR1 : +/- HSF4 Clear, HD:B, ED:0/0, shoulders free

Silver Dream Aussie’s Tambourine Man

WORLD WINNER 2012 & 2014 l 6xCACIB l Hungaria Champion l Romanian Champion l Croatian Champion l Romanian Champion lCentral Eastern European Winner ’11 l Central European Cup winner’11 l BEST in SHOW
Veteran Champion, Veteran Best in Show


 CEA/PRA/HSF4 DNA Normal, MDR1: +/-
HD:A1, ED:0

red factored


Silver Dream Aussie’s Land Rover

FCI JUNIOR EUROPEAN WINNER l Hungarian Junior Champion l Croatian Junior Champion l Austrian Junior Champion l Central-East European Winner l Slovakian Champion l Austrian Champion l Internationale ChampionS

27.12.2007 – 03.04.2019
blue-merle / red factored
CEA/PRA/Katakarta free
MDR1 : +/- HD: B, ED:0, HSF4 : N/N Clear, CEA & PRA DNA normal