JCH. Silver Dream Aussie’s Tamaris

Res.Junior Best in Show l Hungaria Junior Champion l 4 x HPJ l2x BOB l 

Born: 29.02.2016

HD:A, ED:0


That’s The Way Made by Patchwork

Moon Shine Jewel Puzzle Game

Ch.Hearthside Made Ya Grin

Kaleidoscope Stone Ravenwind

Hearthside Made Ya Giggle

Hearthside Love Letters

Wind Spirit Great Messenger

Hearthside Made Ya Look

Whoa Black Betty Babalan

Believe in Love of Crystal Lake

Nowagga’s Call Me Tazz

Ukraine Blue Lola of Crystal Lake


Rosewood’s Flame of Freedom

Heartfire Ginger Lungargine

G’Starlight D’Energie’s DCD Tomberg

True Friends Society Energies

Moon Rise Break the Ice

Moon Rise Special Offer

Moon Rise Two Face

Moon Rise Angel Whispers

Aladdin’s Gallant Husar

Sunnyrains Society Column

Stonepine Gambling with Energie

Crazyhearts Talk to Me

Heatherhill Montel Williams

Heatherhill Pagent

Stonepine Shiraz

Heatherhill Double O Heaven

Heatherhill That’s the Ticket