G’Starlight D’Energie’s Des Costys Du Tomberg

Champion Srpske l 4xCAC l 4xCACIB l 2xBOB

Born: 28.08.2011
Blue merle
MDR1 : +/+
HD:B, ED:0


True Friends Society Energie’s

Ch.Moon Rise Break the Ice

Ch.Moon Rise Special Offer

Ch.Moon Rise Achievement

Ch.Sunnyrains Society Column

Moon Rise Two Face

Ch.Thornapple Anakin Skywalker

Himmi-Peikon Midsummer Pixie

Moon Rise Angel Whispers

Ch.Aladdin’s Gallant Husar

Ch.Medalion’s Fire By Aladdin

Lindy Lou Who

Ch.Sunnyrains Society Column

Briarbrooks Silverware

Briarbrooks Society Page


Stonepine Gambling  with Energie

Ch.Crazyhearts Talk to Me

Ch.Heatherhill Montel Williams

Ch.Brigadoon’s One Arrogant Dude

Ch.Oprah Winfree of Heatherhill

Heatherhill Pagent

Ch.Levi Dockers of Heatherhill

Ch.Moonstruck of Heatherhill

Ch.Stonepine Shiraz

Ch.Heatherhill Double-O Heaven

Ch.Heatherhill You Talk Too Much

Heatherhill Cut Out

Ch.Heatherhill That’s the Ticket

Ch.Heatherhill Rebel Rouser

Heatherhill Just the Ticket